Frequently Asked Questions

– What should I do before coming to the driving or rally school?

The rally and driving schools are based on individual studies. Send us a review of your past studies, experiences and also let us know what would you like to achieve with us.

– When does the training start?

Training times will be agreed upon with the student.

– I’ve never done racing before. How should I start?

First, you should pick the series you want to race in. The technical guides and regulations can be found on the website of your country’s Autosport Federation. Good and cheap series to start from would be People’s rallies(rallies which feature normal road cars), sprints or Rallycross.

– Do you sell Spectrum suspension?

Yes, we do. The price depends on the car and its specifications, the more details known about the car the better. Time of delivery would be 3-5 weeks.

– Do I have to own a car myself to get some driving lessons?

We recommend having a car yourself, but you can always rent one from HERE.