Podium and a class win for Kaur Motorsport from South-Estonia

The 2017 edition of South-Estonian Rally went into the history books as a rally where both of our new Prototype Ford Fiesta rally cars were ready to start. After months of building and preparation, the Proto of Egon and Annika was finally complete. The crew also completed a 150km. test before the rally.

Kaur Motorsport started the rally with four crews: no. 4: Egon Kaur/Annika Arnek, no. 14: Priit Koik/Silver Simm, no: 15: Anre Saks/Rainer Maasik and no. 58: Martin Saar/Martin Valter.

Our crews showed great speeds throughout the rally and after the first day, both Egon and Priit were within the overall Top 10. Unfortunately, on the second day, lots of technical issues hit our crews: Priit, Anre and Martin all suffered time losses with Anre being forced to retire. Priit got going again, but with huge timeloss, dropping him out of contention. Martin was having issues with the clutch of his VW Golf, but despite that they still managed to take many stage wins and a victory in class EMV8!

After a long fight with Gross/Mõlder, who were driving a Ford Fiesta WRC ’16, Egon and Annika had to accept their second position overall. Overall, the speed Egon showed was enough proof of us moving towards the right direction with the cars and that we have succeeded in building the cars.

Egon Kaur said:

“The car felt really good and we could see that from the times.

The suspension gave us good feedback from the very first kilometers and that allowed us to get up to good speeds. We’ve only done 150km of testing with the car, which is quite low amount for the Proto, and we had to take account that some new problems may arise. We did have some technical issues, but we managed to fix them through the rally and on the wider plan both cars lasted quite well.

Unfortunately we lost valuable seconds due to a poor tyre decision, but we still have to be happy with the end-result: we have proven that the Kaur Motorsport built cars are very fast fresh out of the garage. In addition, we also got feedback on how to make the cars even faster.”

PHOTOS: Urmo Sibul