Successful rally camp for Kaur Motorsport in South-Estonia

Whilst normal people were on the beaches enjoying the unusually warm weather, Kaur Motorsport took to the forests of South-Estonia to get some valuable training kilometers under the drivers’ belts. A two-day rally training camp was organized, where crews drove four different testing stages. The Kaur Motorsport crews that tested there were Egon Kaur – Annika Arnek and Priit Koik – Silver Simm, both driving their brand new Kaur Motorsport built Prototype rally cars.

Egon Kaur said:

“The test went well and we can call it a success. The stages included lots of different elements and both cars got through the days really well without any major issues.”

“Adjusting the cars went quite smoothly, Spectrum has made some really great suspension parts for us. “

“Also thanks to the great suspension we got a good feeling with the car and we can’t wait for South-Estonian rally to give the cars a proper drive in competitive conditions.

Annika Arnek, co-driver of Egon Kaur, said:

“Long break has left its mark. The test showed what and where we could improve.”

“Luckily we can train it, the positive emotions and power of will is there. Egon and Kaur Motorsport have made built one great rally car!”

Priit Koik said:

“Both I and Silver were very pleased with the test. Kaur Motorsport have done multiple changes to the car since Tartu Rally and that made it a lot more enjoyable.”

“The two-day test really gave us an image of how the car behaves and we now have a good basis for going forwards. The cooperation with Silver also reached a new level.”