Positive emotions to Rally Estonia

The biggest event of Estonian Autosport, the auto24 Rally Estonia 2016, is just around the corner and our crew, Egon Kaur and Silver Simm, driving a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9 during the rally, have been preparing for the rally, and they’ve been doing it hard.

We’d like to appreciate the work of Silver Simm, who, through an extensive training programme, has done a lot of hard work, which may result in the co-driver having to get himself a new, smaller size, fireproof rally suit.

On Sunday, 10th of July, Kaur Motorsport got together to de-rust the car and the drivers. For that, the crew went through some pacenote training before and after the rally test on the gravel roads near Antsla. Then the crew did some testing on a 6 kilometer stretch of road, which was an almost exact copy of the conditions of Rally Estonia: it had slow sections, junctions and also flat, sixth gear, sections. After many passes, Egon and Silver felt happy in the car and the test was a success.

Egon Kaur, driver, said:

“The test was a success for us. You could see during the first passes that there’s been a slight pause in driving and it was a bit messy. But overall, the car worked well and we got a good feeling for the rally.”

Silver Simm, co-driver, said:

“The day went well. It was nice to see that after all this time, our speed hasn’t gone anywhere. It felt good and it looks like that from the perspective of our speed, it was not our maximum.”

“We were a bit “raw” during our first pass, but that’s what tests are for, so we could go and give it our best from the start of the rally.”

“I’ve done lots of serious preparation for my first European Rally Championship round: i’ve looked and analyzed previous years’ onboards thoroughly, we’ve done lots of recce practice with Egon and i’ve also done lots of physical practice after West-Estonian rally. I ran a total of 100km and i’ve lost about 6 kg’s thanks to it.”

“I’ve never done a rally this long(twice as long as any Estonian rally), so I believe that it will be physically difficul, even for the co-driver.”

Here’s our photo gallery from our pre-event test: